Enter Nominations Today for Top Leaders in Voice 2020

Voicebot introduced the Top Leaders in voice awards in 2019 and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Our goal was to shine a light on individuals that were making a difference and helping move the industry forward. The result was a list of 44 people selected across four categories for their contributions as visionaries, technologies, design/product pros, and influencers. Our panel of judges last year revealed their results as a surprise to the industry. However, this year we have decided to take nominations in order to expand our consideration set and take into account the thoughts of the voice AI community. That is where you come in.

Voicebot readers are welcome to submit their nominations for the 2020 Top Leaders in Voice awards. You can submit more than one suggestion and multiple people can enter the same person. Each nomination simply requires a separate form to be submitted. We will be accepting new submission through September 8th and consideration will be on a rolling basis. So, you might want to make your entry now to ensure your candidate gets full consideration.

Make Your Nomination


  1. Can I submit for myself?  Yes.
  2. Can I submit more than one nominations for others? Yes.
  3. Can more than one nomination be submitted for the same person? Yes.
  4. Does a nomination guarantee someone will make the list? Of course not.
  5. Will the Top 44 Leaders from the 2019 list automatically be selected for 2020? No. The evaluation process starts from scratch.
  6. Until when will nominations be accepted? Until September 8th.
  7. Will the judges consider candidates that did not receive a submission? Yes. Anyone can be considered but the likelihood of consideration rises if there is a nomination.
  8. Will there be any physical or monetary reward given to the winners? No. Industry recognition and publication in Voicebot, on social media, and elsewhere along with the undying envy of their peers will be the only rewards.
  9. Will Voicebot publish the names of the judges? Yes, but only after the 2020 honorees are announced.
  10. Will the judges be from Voicebot or outside the organization? Yes. Both.