Scott Stephenson CEO and Co-founder of Deepgram – Voicebot Podcast Ep 158

Scott Stephenson is co-founder and CEO of Deepgram. He earned a Ph.D. in particle physics at the University of Michigan with a focus on Machine Learning. He then spent time building a system designed to detect dark matter two miles underground. That experience inadvertently introduced Scott and a colleague to the limitations of automated speech recognition (ASR) systems which to their surprise were not using the same deep learning architecture combined with hardware acceleration they had built to detect dark matter activity. It ultimately led to founding Deepgram in 2015 as a new model for automated speech recognition. The company added 12 million in funding in March of 2020.

In today’s conversation, Scott discusses the founding of Deepgram, the architectural difference compared to traditional ASR, and what led up to the recent round of funding. There is also a discussion about where the company is headed and how that is likely to extend beyond speech recognition.

Show Notes – Scott Stephenson Interview Deepgram

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