Alan AI CEO Ramu Sunkara Talks Voice Assistants for Enterprise Apps – Voicebot Podcast Ep 152

My guest today is Ramu Sunkara, co-founder and CEO of Alan AI. In 2014, Ramu co-founded a company called Synqq which was a voice assistant for meetings. Sometimes startups are for learning. Synqq educated Ramu and his co-founder that enterprises truly needed voice for enterprise apps. That led to the creation of Alan AI which has been his focus since 2017.

Alan AI is a software development platform designed to make it easy for companies to add voice assistant functionality to their enterprise apps. In this week’s episode, we discuss Alan AI’s early success in adding voice to mobile apps for field service working in the energy industry and recent expansion into healthcare. Ramu goes into some depth around his technology stack, the typical project lifecycle, and the ROI that customers expect to achieve.

Earlier in his career, Ramu was co-founder and CEO of Qik which was a video streaming solution for mobile and was acquired by Skype in 2011. Before that, he spent 11 years at Oracle, serving in, among other roles, vice president of e-Business suite technology, and vice president of real-time collaboration technologies.

Ramu was trained as a software engineer and holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin and earned an MBA at Boston University.

Show Notes – Ramu Sunkara Interview Alan AI

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