Voice Industry Professionals Say Amazon Alexa is Having the Biggest Impact Followed by Google with Everyone Else Far Behind – New Report

Amazon Alexa is having the biggest impact on the voice industry today according to new data from Voicebot based on surveys in 2019 and 2020 of voice industry professionals globally. Alexa’s score of 110.2 in the newly released Voice Platform Impact Rating is followed by Google Assistant at 97.3. All other voice assistant providers considered were far behind with Apple’s Siri coming in third with a score of 38.3.

The results are included in the newly released Voice Industry Pulse by Voicebot. It is the first broad gauge of voice industry sentiment, activity, and future plans and includes 40 charts in over 35 pages of analysis. Surveys were conducted in July 2019 and January 2020 of between 450 and 650 voice industry professionals. You can review the full report or download an executive summary using the button below.

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Interpreting the Voice Industry Pulse Data

Voicebot created the Voice Platform Impact Rating to offer comparative insight about the leading voice assistant development platforms based on a number of factors. The rating includes the breadth of use, sentiment, current activity, and future plans stated by voice industry professionals. By impact, we are referring to both the mindshare and activity cycles industry professionals are dedicating to these platforms. It is not a gauge of consumer adoption but rather of adoption and expressed intent by industry professionals to support the ecosystems.

A way to think about the ratings is that Google Assistant currently has about 88% of the impact as Alexa with industry professionals today while Samsung’s Bixby is about 23%. Scores can range from -250 to 250 but as you see today they tend to be positive. Over time this may change and you will note that both Microsoft Cortana and Nuance debuted in our charts with negative scores.

Microsoft’s and Nuance’s ratings are largely driven by few industry professionals using those platforms today and plans by those that have used them to reduce their activity in the coming years. Microsoft’s decision to refocus Cortana on Office 365 use cases and shutter its consumer ambitions is likely the cause of its negative rating. Nuance may have strength outside of people considering themselves members of the voice industry but the rise in competitive offerings for building custom assistants is no doubt undermining what was once a dominant market position.

Don’t mistake this rating as sentiment alone. It also includes current and future activity. There is a separate sentiment score in the full report and that shows some very interesting differences to the impact rating, particularly for Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, and SoundHound. While still trailing the big two (Amazon and Google), the sentiment ratings for these three companies are stronger than their current impact.

Learn more in the newly published Voicebot Voice Industry Pulse and consider becoming a member of Voicebot Research.