Alex Capecelatro CEO of Josh AI Talks Specialty Independent Assistants for the Home – Voicebot Podcast Ep 149

Alex Capecelatro and his co-founder started Josh.ai in 2015 though the technology development preceded that by almost five years. Josh.ai is solely focused on creating assistant-enabled luxury home automation that supports both touch and voice interaction but Alex tells me it can go much further in the market as well. The company has its own smart speakers, its own assistant and enough momentum to recently raise $11 million from investors on top of an earlier round of $8 million.

The company started out with a proprietary service, added support through Alexa and Amazon Echo devices but quickly realized their customers preferred a proprietary solution that was deep in custom features and privacy safeguards. This is the second episode in Voicebot’s series on custom and independent assistants. These are the voice assistants that are not from Amazon or Google and focus on depth of features around a particular domain combined with personalization instead of breadth of services. Josh.AI does this by providing smart home services and customization to a degree that you won’t find in the general-purpose consumer solutions.

Alex previously was founder of Yeti which was acquired in 2015. Earlier in his career, he was a research scientist and earned a degree in materials science and engineering from UCLA.

Show Notes – Alex Capecelatro Interview Josh.AI

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