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Bragi and CEVA Partner to Build Customizable Hearables Platform

Audio software developer Bragi and smart sensing technology licensor CEVA announced plans to launch their own platform for hearables. The devices will combine the Bragi 4 operating system with the low-power CEVA-BX digital signal processor audio software to make a more customizable experience for users.

Listening Choices

The two companies plan to contribute their distinctive features to the new product. The goal is to get true wireless earbuds, headsets, and even hearing aids to start using the new system. CEVA’s voice recognition and motion-sensing software act as a foundation for hearables. Hearables built with CEVA’s software can function for longer without needing a recharge due in part to the way it can recognize and activate a voice assistant without needing to interact with the cloud. Because the devices will run the Bragi 4 operating system, it will be relatively easy for device makers to adjust to fit with how they want their products to work.

“Our collaboration with Bragi brings a game-changing approach to the design of hearables and other audio devices, where the user experience can be adapted, instantaneously,” CEVA vice president of marketing Moshe Sheier said in a statement. “Our CEVA-BX audio DSPs, voice processing and motion sensing software, and SenslinQ context-aware framework perfectly complement Bragi’s OS and unique capabilities in providing a direct channel for OEMs and ODMs to offer a customizable user experience to consumers through enhanced software and services.”

The partnership expands upon what both companies have been doing for some time. CEVA has been collaborating with a growing list of chip manufacturers and software developers to bring its speech recognition and voice software into more devices. In January, the company announced that it would integrate some of its software into the smart TV hardware built by Novatek Microelectronics. Bragi, meanwhile, shifted away from making wireless smart earphones in April when it sold its hardware business. Bragi instead doubled-down on machine learning and AI, especially for hearing aids. In other words, the kind of software that will be vital for the arrangement with CEVA

Audio Apps

The hearables built as a result of the partnership will have access to Bragi’s audio app store, as well. The app store includes third-party software, along with Bragi and CEVA products, and has voice tools like biometric checks, music services, and audio processing. Users will be able to install and run different audio setups for different situations. The vision of the two companies is of hearables with the flexibility of smartphones in terms of functionality and with a place for third-party software.

“Imagine buying headphones that adapt according to the needs of the user. Purchase noise-cancelling software just before boarding a plane,” Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid said in a statement. “Encrypt communication data for sensitive business conversations. Discover that you hear better with voice amplification through try-to-buy offers. On business travel, use your headphones to translate from Chinese into English. Add a feature that alerts someone if your headphones detect you’ve fallen over. The possibilities are endless.”


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