Ben Sauer Talks Voice UX in Healthcare and Other Use Cases – Voicebot Podcast Ep 139

This week we discuss conversational design in healthcare and the general principles that apply to other applications. Ben Sauer shares what he has learned, and how voice is changing the way people are thinking about brand trust. He says when building conversational interfaces designers should think about a partnership between humans and machines. His principle is humane and not human. The machines will not replace humans because of limitations and challenges around trust, but they can be humane (or humanlike) in the way they interact with users.

Sauer also expands on how consumers across application areas are starting to expect the brands they interact with to support conversational interactions. Absence in these new channels can undermine brand trust by consumers. Other risks to brand trust include basic functions like reliability, admin, and speed.

Ben Sauer is a designer with deep experience as a practitioner, trainer, and theorist around conversational design. He recently left a role as a product and design leader at Babylon Health in the UK which has recently launched a chatbot that serves patients on behalf of the National Health Service. He has also been a trainer for O’Reilly events, is a frequent conference speaker, and has worked with BBC, Pearson, and Tesco in their conversational design initiatives. He has a degree in English Literature from the University of Warwick.

Show Notes – Ben Sauer Interview

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