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David Cannington Co-founder of Nuheara on Shaping the Hearables Market – Voicebot Podcast 137

David Cannington is co-founder of Nuheara, a pioneer in the hearables, wireless earbuds market. Nuheara was founded in 2015 in Perth, Australia and delivered its first product in 2017. The company recently announced a new generation product at CES, the IQ Buds Max. David and his co-founder previously worked together at Sensear which provided noise reduction gear for high noise manufacturing environments.

Hearables, true wireless earbuds with voice assistant access, became the largest segment of the wearables market in Q2 2019 according to IDC. Many people equate the hearables segment with Apple AirPods as it is the dominant player in the space. Nuheara’s David Cannington is okay with that and has welcomed Apple’s entry into the hearables market. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with Apple getting into this market. It’s really elevated the category and helped the category cross the chasm,” said Cannington. “They’ve made it publicly acceptable to wear something like that in your ear…It’s been beneficial to our business.”

Cannington goes on to discuss Nuheara’s proposition to provide a premium quality set of wireless earbuds that also include features more closely associated with hearing aids. Sound quality and true wireless earbuds plus personalized sound amplification tailored to each user to address mild to moderate hearing loss does provide clear differentiation from AirPods and other products in the category. More about hearables and Nuheara’s product strategy in this week’s Voicebot Podcast.

Show Notes – David Cannington Interview

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