Samsung Netflix

Samsung Integrates Netflix into Bixby Voice Assistant

Samsung and Netflix have signed a deal to create content from the streaming service shot on Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phone. The arrangement will also upgrade the integration of Netflix with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

Netflix and Samsung

Samsung announced the Netflix partnership at its annual Unpacked event. The deal makes Samsung the official mobile entertainment partner for Netflix. Though Netflix-affiliated filmmakers will be using the Galaxy S20 to make unique content, it won’t be limited to those who also own the S20. The Netflix content, which will include bonus and behind-the-scenes moments from Netflix shows and movies, will be viewable by everyone through Samsung’s social media channels.

“Taking advantage of the Galaxy S20’s pro-grade camera, Netflix and Samsung are working together to put the Galaxy S20 in the hands of renowned directors to capture bonus content based on popular Netflix Originals,” Samsung said in a statement. “Users can also discover Netflix’s best-in-class content through improved integration with Galaxy devices, enabling ease of content discovery and accessibility via Samsung Daily, Bixby, and Finder.”

Samsung and Netflix likely hope the deal can make for a stronger competitor with the multiplying number of streaming services, especially Apple. Apple’s new Apple TV Plus streaming service is going up directly against Netflix, including snapping up Netflix engineering leadership. Apple is also working to leverage the potential of iPhones to try and encourage people with an iPhone to subscribe to Apple TV Plus.

Bixby and Chill

For those with the Galaxy S20 or other Samsung phones, the partnership means Netflix will be easier to open and use on their devices, especially with Bixby. The voice assistant can start playing Netflix shows without needing to open the app first. If a user requests that Bixby “Play Stranger Things,” for instance, it will immediately open the Netflix app and start the show playing. Netflix is also now integrated into the Samsung Daily user interface and the finder search. Netflix likely hopes this will help boost the frequency with which people stream its service on a mobile device.

On Samsung’s end, Bixby needs a killer app or two to try and beat more popular rivals like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. This special deal with Netflix may not give it exclusive content, but it will help raise the voice assistant’s profile and potentially pave the way to future deals with other kinds of special access.


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