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Google Assistant Has More Than 500 Million Monthly Active Users and is Available in More Than 90 Countries

At a press event, this morning Google Assistant product manager Lilian Rincon announced that the Assistant now has more than 500 million monthly active users and is available in more than 90 countries and 30 languages. A blog post by Manuel Bronstein, vice president of product, Google Assistant, elaborated that the active user figure includes “smart speakers and Smart Displays, phones, TVs, cars and more.”

A Large Monthly Active User Figure

The announcement represents the first statement by Google about monthly active users on Assistant. In January 2019, the company said Google Assistant was available on more than 1 billion devices, 10 times as much as rival Amazon had previously announced for Alexa at the time. Of course, Apple had previously announced in June 2017 that there were 375 million monthly active users of Siri.

Based on the broad distribution of Android OS smartphones, no one questioned Google’s 1 billion figure for Assistant availability. However, some people speculated that usage was not very widespread despite the device availability. Google is putting that to rest today with a figure that suggests regular Assitant usage is at a scale beyond any of its rivals.

Amazon revealed in media releases Monday that Alexa is now available through “hundreds of millions” of devices. That reflects a doubling of Alexa-enabled devices in just about a year. However, there is no word from the company on monthly active users. Samsung announced in October 2019 that Bixby was available on 160 million devices but also has not released monthly active user data.

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