Amazon Sold Three Times More Smart Speakers than Google in Q3 2019, Baidu and Alibaba Also Beat Google Device Sales

  • Amazon sold 10.4 million smart speakers in Q3 2019, three times more than Google’s 3.5 million devices
  • Alibaba lead Baidu in smart speaker sales in China with 3.9 to 3.7 million devices sold. Both companies sold more than Google during the quarter. Xiaomi was third in smart speaker sales in China for the second straight quarter.
  • Amazon Echo devices accounted for 36.6% of smart speakers sold worldwide up from 31.9% in Q3 2018 and up from 25.4% in Q2 2019.

New data from Canalys show that Amazon increased its lead in global smart speaker sales in Q3 2019 by selling three times more devices than Google. Amazon sold 10.4 million smart speakers in Q3 compared to just 3.5 million for the Google (Nest) Home portfolio. Baidu and Alibaba also beat out Google in sales by selling 3.9 and 3.7 million smart speakers respectively during the quarter.

Amazon, Alibaba, and Baidu sold more smart speakers than Google, despite the fact that Google (Nest) Home devices are sold in more countries worldwide. Alibaba and Baidu only support Chinese and Amazon Echo devices are sold in 15 countries with localized language models compared to 20 for Google. Granted, Amazon does sell Echo devices in over 60 countries, but many of those only support English language usage. The more important finding is that Amazon continues to show global strength in selling Alexa-enabled devices and showed a significant lead in Q3 2019 over all rivals.

Amazon Market Share Rises in Q3 2019


Amazon’s strong sales in Q3 gave it 36.6% market share compared to 13.6% for Alibaba and 13.1% for Baidu. Google showed up in the fourth place with 12.3% market share.

This is the second year in a row that Amazon bounced back from slower sales in the first half of the year to significantly outsell other smart speaker manufacturers in the third quarter. A key reason for this may be Amazon Prime Day. The mid-July sales event provides Amazon with a simple method to drive consumer attention and promote smart speaker sales

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