Google Assistant Integrates SiriusXM Streaming Service on Google Nest Devices

Google Nest device owners will be able to ask Google Assistant to tune into SiriusXM channels beginning next week. Google announced on Wednesday that the voice assistant will be able to play any of SiriusXM’s streaming channels over its smart speakers and smart displays in the U.S. and Canada.

Smart Home Streaming

The integration of SiriusXM means that Google Assistant will understand commands to play a particular channel, including artist-based channels and talk radio. The requests are limited to English at the moment, but Google said it plans to add Canadian French to its options soon. Nest devices are onl adding SiriusXM audio at the moment, but video content is also on the agenda in the next couple of months. A subscription to SiriusXM is still necessary to play its channels, but the streaming service is offering a 3-month free trial for purchasing any Google Nest device and setting it up on the Google Home App.

Adding SiriusXM is not ending Google Assistant’s connection to other streaming services., iHeartRadio, and TuneIn are still accessible via the voice assistant. SiriusXM just adds new options for playing content, including making its channels part of a Google Routine, where a single command causes Google Assistant to carry out multiple actions at once.

Google Smart Home Plans

Google has been stepping up its efforts to dominate the smart home market of late. The company’s lineup of smart home devices with Google Assistant built-in expanded significantly just this month when it announced the Nest Wifi, a router with Google Assistant built-in and Nest Mini, a smart speaker with a price point equal to the Amazon Echo Dot, at its Made by Google event. The new devices are aimed at grabbing customers who may at first just want a good router or cheaper smart speaker, but they also make it easier to create a smart home with Google as the foundation. Integrating SiriusXM is just another way for Google to win by offering more attractive features.


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