Jabra Elite 75t_Lead Female_Titanium Black

Jabra Announces New Premium Wireless Earbuds 

Jabra unveiled its new Elite 75t wireless earbuds Thursday at the IFA tech expo in Berlin. The fourth iteration of Jabra’s hearable tech, the Elite 75t looks to be competing for the higher end of the market with a mix of advanced hardware and software, and a $200 price tag.

High-Power, Low-Energy

The new earbuds are the standard ‘fit-in-the-ear’ shape of most earbuds, albeit small, a fifth smaller than the Elite 65t, Jabra’s previous generation of earbuds. The final shape was chosen after testing on 3D scans of thousands of ears so that people would be comfortable wearing them.

Jabra managed to fit a lot of audio hardware into them, however, with four microphones in each bud. Those microphones are designed to make voice control as smooth and easy as possible. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant can all be connected to the earbuds via smartphone on the Jabra Sound+ app. The app also lets users adjust the audio settings of the device, changing how much ambient sound gets through.

Smart Hearable Competition

The real feat of miniaturization may be battery power. Jabra claims that the headphones will last seven and a half hours without a charge, and nearly quadruple that length of time with the charging case. The case uses a USB-C cord to charge, but Jabra said a wireless charging option is in the works. Long-lasting power solutions, like the low-power voice assistant wake systems created by Aspinity and Knowles, are critical for devices that are supposed to go without charging all day.

Hearables are a growing niche of the wearable tech space, in part because the technology can now accomplish the tasks people want, while still being comfortable. Smartwatches have already reached that point and smartglasses are still working their way to it, but all-day hearables are right at the cusp of being as ubiquitous as smartphones. All-day earbuds like Sentien and experiments like the Bose Frames smartglasses that are actually audio-only hearables, will continue as people look for ways to stay connected all day.


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