LatentView Analytics Reveals Voice Platform for Enterprise Data

New Jersey-based digital analytics firm LatentView Analytics debuted a new conversational platform built to make data analytics more accessible for businesses. The Conversational Analytics System Personalized or Casper platform is designed to speed up the process of collecting and sorting data in ways that are useful for the business and its employees.

Accessible Data, Natural Language

“We wanted to make a way for our clients to access all of their data without programming,” said LatentView Analytics Chief Product Officer Sekhar Krishnamoorthy in an interview with Voicebot. “Casper performs the analytics and gives the insights to the customers in a [conversational form].”

Casper is both an acronym and an allusion to the friendly ghost. The platform performs some of the functions of a data analyst or similar title, and the natural language engine makes technical knowledge unnecessary. Users can ask for market reports or other information, and Casper will find the relevant information and put the report together. The user can ask by voice on Alexa or Google Assistant, or message the platform via text.

“The reports are custom [to whoever asks] and Casper will ask questions and suggest other information the customer could want,” Krishnamoorthy said. “The AI learns as it is used.”

The Casper AI uses a mix of context and previous requests to understand what additional information might be useful. The reports customized by Casper grow out of LatentView’s larger data analytics services. Any business database can be connected to Casper and used for analysis, including manual input by a user. Once the report is created, Casper can share it with other employees per the creator’s requests.

Voice Enterprise Analytics Rises

LatentView Analytics and Casper mark a rising tide of voice interfaces for business enterprise analytics. The potential for applying voice technology to business services is starting to take off as companies test out new ideas.

New Zealand startup Aider developed a conversational platform to give small business owners an audio connection for data applications. Aider combines a consumer virtual assistant with the ability to answer questions about revenue, sales, and other business metrics, and spot or report on trends and unusual occurrences. The big tech voice assistant platforms are getting involved as well, with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all offering enterprise skill-building kits. But, that requires the time and ability to build a new skill. Using platforms like Casper cuts out the middle step and any need for programming, which is likely to appeal to businesses who want the capabilities it offers but who don’t want to have to build it on their own.


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