Introducing a Maturity Model for Voice & Conversational Marketing


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Maturity models abound in digital.  Truth be told, they abound across business altogether.  A maturity model is a tool that allows entrants into a space or category the ability to not only get a grasp on where they could/should go as a business, but also elements along the path of evolution.

Blue sky thinking is important for sure. And in new spaces like voice & conversational marketing its important to have vision: something to put on a wall and aim for, and also to excite people and gain momentum. A favorite quote of mine sums it up nicely (if I knew who to attribute it to I would!):

“A dream without a goal is a wish.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.” – unknown

A maturity model is a catalyst for both the goal and the plan.  A strong maturity model offers tactical structure and inspires visionary thinking; in short it supports both sides of the brain and all members of a team.

The Conversation Marketing Maturity Model

With these considerations we put our minds to identifying the elements involved in entering, triggering and evolving a voice experience.  The Conversation Marketing Maturity Model is applicable across verticals and on both customer and employee sides of a business.

Though there is detailed version of the Conversation Experience Model as well, we can use the overview perspective to dive deeper into the structure we put forth. There are five stages to maturity in voice and conversation experiences: Initiate, Activate, Integrate, Scale & Innovate.

Initiate – Establish the Voice Channel – bring information to the channel; information you already have and can curate appropriately

Activate – Expose the Channel Activity – begin cross channel participation within the existing customer journey as a support mechanism for prevailing micro moments

Integrate – Expand Capabilities with Personalization – leverage 3rd party and proprietary systems to widen the utility of the experience and deepen value

Scale – Extend Conversation Interfaces Throughout the Organization – capitalize on behavioral adoption by creating efficiency in the enterprise (operationally) and the customer experience (functionally)

Innovate – Exemplify conversational value through advancement – just like web, mobile and native before it, business function and value will become a voice first conversation

The overview graphic in this article provides more context and the detailed version of the maturity model (available on Voicify.com) dives deeper still for your review.


Identify Your Position and Set Your Pace

Like all maturity models an indication of pace is not called out.  Organizations are different one to the next.  Some have dedicated innovation labs or cultures where experimentation and ‘learning through doing’ is engrained.  Others move more cautiously with a conservative approach to pushing the bounds of technology. Pace is an important business and cultural variable to be respected and also leveraged (perhaps even manipulated from time to time).

Regardless, the maturity model applies to the pace of any organization. This maturity model will evolve itself as the marketplaces in voice become more sophisticated and platforms expand capabilities.  We look forward to bringing you more details through this tool in the future.

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