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TD Ameritrade Connects Car Voice Assistants to Market News 

TD Ameritrade is bringing investor trading information to cars via voice voice. The investing giant is integrating its news services into Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Echo Auto platforms.

Investor Cars

For those using Apple CarPlay, there’s a new TDAN Radio app from the TD Ameritrade Network that lets them stream live TD Ameritrade Network news broadcasts optimized for Apple’s system. Drivers with Echo Auto or Android Auto meanwhile can ask for quotes, check their balances and portfolios, and get summaries of the market.

“For each of these offerings, we decided to create a tailored experience that would best match the nuances of each platform,” said Sunayna Tuteja, TD Ameritrade’s head of digital assets and DLT in an email to Voicebot. “Over time, we plan to continue to add features to each, but will do so in a way that best suits the experience on that specific platform.”

Ameritrade All Over

The company cites the dozens of hours a year American drivers spend in traffic as a reason for creating these car connections to the market. The time spent in traffic translates to money lost, especially by investors who rely on following the market closely in order to spot trends and chances to invest.

TD Ameritrade has often made a point of being ahead in technology. For instance, it was the first to offer voice-activated investing via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices last year. Right now, the connected car features are sticking to information however, rather than trading.  “We are excited to explore the possibility of adding trading capabilities to each of the in-vehicle offerings we announced today,”  Tuteja said. “[G]iven the nascency of this technology, for this initial phase, we wanted to focus on information and content delivery. At this time, trading is not available on any of our in-vehicle offerings. Per the above, this is something we are eager to explore in later iterations of these experiences.”


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