Mastercard to Launch “Priceless Experiences” Voice App, Exclusive for Cardholders


Mastercard announced its first voice app this week called Priceless Experiences which will be available exclusively to cardholders this summer, exact launch date unknown. The voice app can be accessed through any Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled smart speaker as well as through, and is proof that Mastercard is committed to adding value for customers through voice technology.

Priceless Experiences can be booked in five major U.S. cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Chicago. The experiences available reflect six “passion” categories: culinary, travel, arts and culture, shopping, entertainment and sports. Examples of offered events include visiting the world’s first urban rooftop vineyard or getting VIP tickets to The BRIT Awards. Expansion outside of the U.S. is planned for 2020.

“Voice is the next frontier of search and retail. Sound—and in this case the Priceless Experiences skill marked by the Mastercard sonic brand—is a powerful way for us to create a culturally-relevant and emotional connection with consumers,” said Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

A New Sound Logo for the Brand

The Priceless Experience skill launch is in conjunction with the debut of Mastercard’s new Sonic Brand, the sound equivalent of the brand’s red and yellow circle logo. Recognizing the power that sound has in connecting with people, Mastercard’s signature melody will play for consumers across the globe who are engaging with the brand physically, digitally or through voice. The company’s hope for the sensory branding strategy is that the chime is memorable for consumers and increases brand recognition, claiming it is a critical component to how people recognize Mastercard today and in the future.

Touch-points for the sound will include commercials and shopping carts. It’s also incorporated into Priceless Experiences, playing the melody to confirm the skill is activated and when an experience is booked.

Other Common Credit Card Skills

Most credit cards have developed voice skills that focus on providing customers with key account information. Capital One was the first company to create an Alexa Skill for financial account management. The skill launched in early 2016 and features information about credit card statements, bank accounts and auto loan accounts. The American Express Amex skill for Alexa is another popular one.

Mastercard also has a competitor in the entertainment skill category. Citibank has a Google Action called Citi Entertainment that lets users search for music events in the states and delivers early access to tickets and VIP packages.

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