ID R&D Raises $5.7M For Multi-factor Voice Biometric Technology

Biometric technology startup ID R&D raised $5.7M in a new round of venture capital funding. The New York-based company has developed a suite of authentication technology using a mix of voice and visual biometric data to both ascertain identity and rebuff attempts at fraud.

Chinese VC firm GSR Ventures, a new investor in the startup, led the new Series A funding round along Gagarin Capital, who invested inthe company’s earlier funding round in late 2017. ID R&D reported that, after doubling in size and sales last year, the company will use the new funding to scale up the production, along with marketing and sales of its products to meet growing demand. Sunny Kumar, Partner at GSR Ventures, said in a statement:

As we talk to CTOs and CISOs, it’s clear that rapid expansion in the prevalence and functionality of voice-enabled applications and devices has increased the need to protect these access points and the services they provide.

Unmasked ID Combining Voice and Visual Elements

ID R&D offers clients a mix of devices and services to test voice and facial feature biometrics. They provide sensors, software analysis and all-in-one packages for identifying people. The services integrate into digital conversation platforms, mobile apps and other forms of communication used to prove identity.

Notably, ID R&D’s technology not only identifies people by their speech and facial features but can detect the difference between a live interaction and a picture or recording. This kind of anti-spoofing technology is especially critical at a time when deep-fake audio and video technology is making it easier than ever to create realistic digital imitations of people.

Using conversational interfaces like AI voice assistants is increasingly popular, but traditional security questions, passwords, and one-time codes slow down interactions. Using high-quality voice and facial recognition to identify people offers the security of older methods with the speed of newer interactive tools according to ID R&D.


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