Tune in Tomorrow for Alexa Live, Free Online Conference for Voice Developers


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Alexa Live is an online conference hosted by Amazon and will be held tomorrow, May 2nd. Skill builders of all levels are invited to attend, and only need to register online. UX designers, content creators, advanced programmers, and voice design experts are all able to access four tracks and more than fifteen in-depth technical sessions.

Four Tracks and Eighteen Sessions to Help Build and Enrich Skills

Attendees will hear from the Alexa voice design education team, solution architects, and members of the developer community. The conference will dive deep into four tracks covering core skill-building areas, including:

  • Design: Building for voice vs. the screen, voice games, personalization, and writing engaging dialogs.
  • Tools: How to get the most out of the Alexa Developer Console, testing best practices, and more.
  • Monetization: Technical implementation for in-skill purchasing and offer code deep dives on how to monetize your skill.
  • Multimodal: Show how to use the Alexa Presentation Language and showcase real-world examples of engaging multimodal skills.

More than 20 speakers will deliver 18 unique sessions across these four tracks, providing technical depth, industry insights, and code deep dives. During the conference, attendees can also chat with Alexa skill-building experts to have their business and technical questions answered.

What the Voice Community is Saying

Voicebot’s Bret Kinsella is a Keynote speaker of the event, and commented,

I like the idea of online conferences. There is definitely value to meeting in person, but not everyone can travel to these events. Packing four hours of voice-first knowhow into a single online event is a great opportunity for Alexa developers to learn a lot over a short period of time from people with deep experience on the platform. Amazon’s Paul Cutsinger and I will close the event with a look at a half dozen trends that will shape the voice industry for developers over the next year. I’m looking forward to the discussion with Paul and developers in the chat rooms.

John Kelvie, Founder and CEO of Bespoken also commented,

We are excited to participate in the upcoming Alexa Live event – myself and Stef Sharp are presenting on best practices for testing Alexa skills. Our session is a nice mix of high-level guidance as well as hands-on content. We look forward to watching other sessions from solution architects and evangelists, as well as hearing from leading edge skill builders such as Tim McElreath at Discovery and John Gillilan of Bondad.FM. Looking forward to the keynotes from Bret, Paul and Dave as well.

John Gillian of adds,

I got my start in voice learning from a lot of these speakers, so it’s a real privilege for me to contribute and bring some of my own experiences to the stream. Everything about voice is growing and evolving so fast – the technology, the community, and the creative & business opportunities surrounding it all. I’m really looking forward to watching the other sessions and hanging out in the chat – because that’s what this event is all about – our community coming together to exchange ideas, learnings, and inspiration with each other.

Paul Cutsinger of the Amazon Alexa Team – Voicebot Podcast Ep 77

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