Bixby Control Support Now Available on Samsung Galaxy Buds


Image Credit: Samsung

Last week the Samsung Galaxy Buds received a firmware update that added support for Bixby, Samsung’s in-house voice assistant. With the update, users are able to turn on music and audio, place calls, check the battery level, change equalizer settings, and more. The update is currently only available for English and Korean speaking users, and the earbuds need to be connected to a Samsung phone in order for the Bixby functions to work. Connecting the Galaxy Buds to a Samsung phone and opening the Galaxy Wearable app will instigate a pop-up if an update is available for you.

Galaxy Bud Bixby Functionality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were initially announced late February 2019 and went on sale March 8th. Until this update, Bixby functionality was not particular to wearing the headphones, rather it was simply a connection to Bixby on Samsung smartphones. This update provides commands that are specific to what users would request while wearing headphones:

  • enable/disable Ambient sound
  • change equalizer settings
  • lock touchpad
  • battery status
  • turn on music/audio
  • place calls



Image Credit: SamMobile

This firmware update allows the Galaxy Buds to be even more competitive in an increasingly crowded market. Although Bixby may not be the most dominant voice assistant, Samsung is able to take advantage of all Samsung smartphones – which have Bixby integrated by default. In addition, the Galaxy Buds are able to be paired with any smartphone in order to access that smartphone’s voice assistant, meaning even iOS users can use voice commands with Siri. This allows the earbuds to reach a much wider audience, while the update allows Bixby users to have a more personalized experience with the earbuds.

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