G Suite Upgrade Brings Google Assistant Calendar Functionality


Gif Credit: Google

Today Google announced 14 updates to G Suite and its range of applications at the Cloud Next ’19 event. One of those updates includes G Suite integration with Google Assistant including the Calendar app. Users can sign-in to their G Suite account on Google Assistant in order to be able to ask about their calendar. Before today, it was only possible to see upcoming calendar events from Assistant by sharing a work calendar with your personal Gmail account. This update could make quite a difference in those who use voice assistants to help plan their day, as G Suite Enterprise is being used by 70 million people approximately and G Suite Business is used by around 3 million people globally.

According to data from the Voicebot Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2019, ‘access my calendar’ is the sixteenth most popular use case of smart speakers, coming in at 21.2% monthly use and 11.4% daily use. Although it is one of the smaller use cases, it is still an important use case and is frequently included in promotional content of smart speakers. The inclusion of this feature for G Suite users allows users to more easily access all of their information, making Assistant more convenient to use. Users shouldn’t have to choose one account to access a calendar from, they should have the choice of including many calendars, and this feature gives users that ability. The inclusion of the feature also indicates that Google may be interested in including more G Suite Google Assistant functionality in the future – a move that could help increase Google Assistant adoption in general and its adoption in the enterprise. All in all, making Google Assistant more convenient to use is a smart decision.



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