AI Voice Powered Financial Helper Finley AI Launches in the UK


Last week Finley Ai, a voice-powered AI Financial & Pension Helper, was launched by former U.K. Wealth Manager and Finacial Advisor Elemi Atigolo. Finley Ai is available as an Action on Google Assistant. Users can ask general finance related questions that would normally be directed to an advisor. U.K. users can also request to be connected with a financial advisor through FindPensionAdvice.com. Some examples of queries users can ask about include tax relief, options for retirement planning, and whether or not someone should pay off their debt or save money.

Explain how tax relief works? Should I pay off my debt or save? What are my options at retirement? What music do you listen to?

Even though the Action was launched in the U.K., it is available in all countries. The Action currently provides general financial guidance but does also have specific information regarding pensions and U.K. investments, as well as general information regarding IRA and 401k’s. Speaking to a company representative, Voicebot.ai confirmed that an Alexa skill for Finley Ai is currently in the works and that the company is interested in continuing to develop and source content specific to the U.S. and other locations.

Connect with an Expert, Too

This Action is also integrated with FindPensionAdvice.com, a platform that was also developed by Elemi Atigolo. It aids users in finding a financial advisor, meaning users of the Finley Ai Action can both ask general financial questions and request a match with a financial advisor in the U.K. Atigolo commented on the launch of the Finley Ai Action saying,

I have always felt that technology can help to make financial education and access to advice easier. Technology is everywhere and what better way to reach people than by making voice-powered financial guidance available in the devices they use every day.

The FindPensionAdvice platform allows individuals to find, choose, and book their own meeting with an independent financial advisor or wealth manager in the U.K. A Finley Ai representative told Voicebot.ai the company is currently expanding the advisors on the platform to be able to offer individuals advice in Europe and the U.S.

Increase in Development of Wealth Management Voice Applications

With the rise of voice assistant technology comes the rise of its many applications, and wealth management is proving popular. Several financial institutions and banks have implemented dozens of applications for voice assistants. A few of the most popular examples being Alexa skills from Ally Financial Inc., American Express, and Capital One.

Voicebot.ai research has found that at least 38 U.S. financial institutions and at least 36 U.S. investment or wealth management based applications have implemented some kind of voice-first application. Whether a Google Assistant Action, Alexa skill, integration through Siri, or an in-house assistant through the company’s mobile app, there is a clear trend of companies creating voice applications to address financial services customer needs.

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