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Brands Agree Voice Ordering is an Opportunity But Don’t See it as a Big Threat Today

A Feedvisor survey conducted by MorningConsult in September suggests that 69% of consumer brands that sell on Amazon see voice ordering as an opportunity today including 43% that strongly agree with that position. Only 31% disagree. However, more than half of those consumer product brands don’t today see the emergence of voice ordering as a threat to their business. Strong agreement and disagreement are split. Thirty percent strongly disagree with the notion that voice ordering is a threat while 27% strongly agree.

Source: Feedvisor / Morning Consult

Voice Ordering Rises Along with Smart Speaker Sales

The sentiment of brands is likely higher today as there were more smart speakers sold in the U.S. in Q4 2018 than in all of 2017. In addition, Amazon said that voice shopping tripled during the 2018 holiday season over the previous year. The report says:

“As consumers increasingly turn to voice assistants to search for products, it is evident that voice ordering is not just another fleeting trend — the AI-enabled technology continues to become increasingly mainstream, embedding into retail culture and establishing itself as another powerful e-commerce touchpoint. The survey reveals that brands are divided on whether voice ordering will help or hinder sales.”

Most of the survey is focused on common concerns and strategies associated with selling and promoting sales through Amazon.com with only a quick reference to voice commerce. You can download the full report here.


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