Alexa on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Voice in a Can Demonstrates Amazon Alexa Working on Samsung Galaxy Watches

Samsung Galaxy Watches come with Bixby, but Swiss developer Damian Mehers through his company Atadore is demonstrating Amazon Alexa operating on them today. He has other demonstrations of Alexa operating on Apple Watch and Wear OS/Android Wear too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch with Alexa

The demonstration includes setting a timer, asking a question, and playing the user’s flash briefing. It also pulls up an image related to one of the questions and displays it on the watch screen. Mehers says the solutions were created using Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and he is seeking beta testers. The Samsung Galaxy Watch implementation is new this month. However, Mehers demonstrated the Apple Watch Alexa integration back in June 2018. You can learn more about the demonstrations, see videos, and find links to download the Apple and Samsung solutions at Voice in a Can.

Discovered via XDA-Developers.


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