CongitAI Continua

CogitAI Launches Continua SaaS Reinforcement Learning Solution to Accelerate AI Use in Enterprises

CogitAI yesterday launched Continua, a SaaS solution for enterprises implementing AI-based reinforcement learning solutions. Mark Ring, CEO and co-founder of CogitAI, commented in an interview with that:

“Our product is a cloud service…The client interacts with our cloud service by sending observation information where a decision is required. The service makes a decision and sends that back to the client. The client executes that decision. The service is making decisions and is learning from those decisions and the client is also providing some signal about how good these decisions are. This can be applied to a number of different use cases…

“The major differences between our platform that we’re introducing and what exists today…is ours is an all-in-one system that has all of the tools that are needed to do reinforcement learning in industry at commercial scale. That means that we can allow the client to store all the data with us. We can do all the training in the cloud. We can do all of the interactions through the cloud, everything that’s necessary for enterprises to be able to do reinforcement learning sorts of applications, and apply them to real-world use cases.”

An AI Tool for Data Scientists

Ring pointed out that Continua is not a tool for the non-technical. “We’re targeting data scientists. Not necessarily those who have a great deal of familiarity with reinforcement learning to begin with, but we’re expecting that this will be particularly useful for those who do have some familiarity with reinforcement learning,” he said. Data scientists today often do not use reinforcement learning according to Ring because they have little knowledge of the techniques and they have to assemble the tools and infrastructure a la carte to even get started. Continua includes both open source and proprietary algorithms, tutorials, computing infrastructure, and storage to help data scientists get started quickly.

Two years ago, Mighty AI announced it had raised $14 million as a SaaS platform that could provide training data sets for machine learning. It was an idea about making it easier for data scientists to use AI by outsourcing their training data collection. Continua assumes that users bring their own data and then provides tools so they can configure a reinforcement learning program that generates a decision on the best course of action.

Ring says that in addition to the new Continua product, CogitAI is also distinguished because of its team and direction. The team is made up of a number of well-known figures in the AI and reinforcement learning academic community and ultimately they want to move on to continual learning solutions that don’t stop with finite decisions, but continually review new data and adjust decisions or suggest new ones over time. However, the focus today is on reinforcement learning tools. The company has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Sony and has generated revenue from direct work with enterprise customers according to Ring.


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