Frontier Smart Technologies and Audio Analytic Partner to Create a “Smarter” Smart Speaker

Audio Analytic and Frontier Technologies demonstrated a “smarter” smart speaker at this year’s CES. The device combines Frontier Smart Technologies’ smart speaker reference platform and Audio Analytic’s sound recognition technology to create a speaker that can hear critical sounds, like a baby crying, while simultaneously playing music. The idea is to create a speaker that not only has speech recognition but sound recognition. Audio Analytic’s ai3™ solution can recognize a large number of sounds that could require immediate attention, like a window breaking, a dog barking, or a door bell. These audio cues can then trigger different actions, like sending an alert to the homeowner or informing a professional security company.

Frontier Smart Technologies provides chips and modules for audio consumer products, including brands like Bose, Harman/Kardon and Sony and the company plans to integrate Audio Analytic’s technology in its smart audio solution going forward according to a joint press release. “We are delighted to be working with Audio Analytic to introduce their sound recognition technology into our smart audio solutions. Smart speakers, with their powerful processors and high-fidelity audio inputs, are the ideal devices in which to include sound recognition capabilities. This collaboration will enable our customers to address an extended range of use cases in a single smart audio device” says CEO of Frontier Smart Technologies, Anthony Sethill.

Adding a Layer of Security and Peace of Mind with Sound Recognition

The ability to turn an ordinary smart speaker into an additional security device is a solid use case and consumers seemingly agree. According to Audio Analytic’s 2018 Smart Home Report, 90% of smart speaker owners want their device to listen for particular sounds that indicate a risk from intruders. It can also add an additional layer of protection when integrated with smart home security systems.

For instance, Hive has integrated the technology into its smart home hub, the Hive Hub 360, which can listen for sounds like a smoke alarm, door breaking or dog barking and then send an alert. It also integrates with other Hive products, like cameras, sensor and lights giving the user the ability to check in on suspicious sounds and receive alerts.

Audio Analytic’s sound recognition technology has other use cases as well. It can also be integrated into mobile phones, cars and hearables. For instance if integrated with hearables, it could be useful for a runner to be notified about the sound of a car horn or a vehicle reversing alert.

As Audio Analytic points outs, sound is not speech. Distinct sounds provide us with different meanings and can provide further context beyond voice recognition about what is going on in our home and the world around us.

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