Brian Roemmele Discusses The Last Interface and Intelligence Amplifier – Voicebot Podcast Ep 80

Brian Roemmele’s presentation at The Alexa Conference 2019 was easily the most controversial of the week. Some people were inspired, others confused, and some left skeptical. But, it certainly led to a lot of discussion throughout the conference. Voicebot sat down with Brian to distill the expanse of his vision for an ultra-personalized AI assistant that he believes will be with people from birth to death. It is his first interview on the topic and project he says has been decades in the making.

Brian first started working with voice technology in the 1980’s and recently expanded his research efforts that will include a forthcoming book called “The Last Interface,” and product concepts named the Intelligence Amplifier and Wisdom Keeper. The Intelligence Amplifier will be a tool that records your life in real-time and instantly enables you to retrieve any information from your life experiences as needed. It will also have agency to anonymously gather information or execute tasks on your behalf. The wisdom keeper will be your manifestation while you are not there and can represent you both in life and afterward. Brian talks about some things that are being done today and others only seen previously in science fiction. It’s a provocative conversation with a practical application of AI and voice.

Show Notes – Brian Roemmele Interview

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