Google Confirms Integration in Sonos One at CES 2019

In a Google press conference at CES 2019, it was confirmed that Google Assistant would be integrated into the Alexa-enabled smart speaker, Sonos One. There was no exact date given for the rollout. Google also said that Google Assistant would be integrated on both the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, in addition to offering an update to include Assistant support on “earlier speaker models.”

This announcement comes after a November 2018 Sonos blog post announcing the target release date by the end of the year would not be met. The blog post stated the company would offer an update in early 2019, and in the meantime offer a private beta sign up. This CES 2019 update may not be from Sonos itself, however, it is encouraging to hear that the original plans to develop a multi-assistant smart speaker are in still in place. In a June interview, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence declined to confirm that the Sonos One smart speaker would support Google Assistant in 2018.

According to Voicebot sources, this is not likely to be available in the first half of 2019, but likely later in the year. That would mean the Google Assistant compatible SonosOne will come to market a full two years after Alexa support.

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