Cuida Health Launches LiSA, a Voice-Based Social Wellness App for Seniors

Cuida Health’s mission is to adapt and develop voice technology specifically to improve the social wellness of older adults. The company’s first product is LiSA, a “voice-activated wellness social platform” which aims to improve the day-to-day lives of seniors. LiSA is available on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Like other digital assistants, LiSA allows users to send and receive texts and emails, check their calendars, search for activities and more.

Designed for Seniors

What sets LiSA apart is that she was specifically designed with seniors in mind. She is also a health coach, providing tips to keep users mentally and physically fit and also suggests activities to get seniors out of the home and engage with the community. She can also read headlines or inquire whether the user has taken their medication for the day. Another key difference, is that LiSA is programmed to be patient while waiting or listening for a response at a “pace and structure comfortable for older adults.”

A Successful Pilot

Pilot participants, Dan Deniger and his wife Cindy

The new platform is now available in the United States, after a four-month pilot test. The pilot test was conducted with members of Tierrasanta Village San Diego, a virtual village for those over age 50. According to the company’s press release, it was a success. Over the four-month period, LiSA earned a 90% retention rate of pilot test participants although how many seniors participated is unknown.

The testimonials including in the press release do how the value for seniors of having a digital assistant designed exclusively for them. Some mentioned that the technology made it easier to stay connected due to not being able to use a screen and keyboard either due to health problems or lack of tech savvy like participant Dan Deniger, who doesn’t use a computer or text and has macular degeneration: “LiSA has been a big relief because it broke down barriers to keeping me connected. My self-esteem is a lot higher than it used to be.”

Others, just like the company. “It’s another voice in the house and I enjoy the daily reminders and its sense of humor. I caught myself laughing aloud to things she said. In my professional life I had an administrative assistant. LiSA is like having one again,” said Jean Kerr, pilot participant.

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