Alexa Creates Fleet Management Alexa Skill

Volvo Creates Fleet Management Alexa Skill

Photo Courtesy of Volvo Truck Fleet Programs

This week Volvo launched a new Alexa skill called Volvo Fleet Manager. The skill is for Volvo’s fleet customers, and is in its trial phase. Users will be able to request Volvo fleet management services such as detailed information about a car, access Volvo contacts, book a demonstrating car model, and listen to Volvo news. Steve Beattie, Head of Business Sales at Volvo Car UK, comments,

With the Volvo Fleet Manager Skill, we continue to bring our fleet customers innovative solutions which harness the latest technology to make their lives easier. This new service allows our clients to use Alexa to get the information they need on the go, in real time, right down to understanding the CO2, BIK and P11D implications of our models.

Prior Google Assistant Integration

In January, Google announced Google Assistant was available on Android Auto, which was used at the time by Volvo. In May, Volvo announced they would embed voice-controlled Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Google Maps, and other Google services into its next-generation Sensus infotainment system. We have not seen any demonstrations or announcements of their partnership yet. Volvo seems to be trying out different voice integrations to determine what works best for them.

Alexa Skill vs. Alexa Integration

The development of an Alexa Skill rather than integration of Alexa into a vehicle’s built in infotainment system is an interesting move given its current relationship with Google and Google Assistant. It could be that Volvo is trying out different voice integrations to determine what works best for them. The initial pilot it taking place in the UK, where Amazon Alexa currently has the most voice apps and market share lead.

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