Video: Why Voice Assistant Market Adoption Matters to Healthcare

Bret Kinsella, Voicebot’s Editor-in-Chief, recently gave the State of the Union presentation at the Voice of Healthcare Summit in Boston earlier this month. He discussed why the rapid adoption of voice assistants by consumers will have a significant impact on the healthcare industry. In fact, it’s happening already. In the 45-minute video below, he discusses:

  • Overall consumer voice assistant adoption trends
  • Why voice matters so much to the tech titans
  • Market data on the impact of voice in healthcare
  • Various use cases of voice currently being use in the industry
  • Voice AI consideration for healthcare

Despite the fact that most market data is around consumer adoption of voice assistants, Kinsella illustrates how these trends will also impact healthcare. Various applications of voice are already being use in a wide variety of use cases, from internal health reporting to patient-facing treatment adherence options. To learn more, watch the video below.


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