Voice Insider: a Newsletter for Industry Insiders

Voicebot.ai just launched a new product called Voice Insider. It is a weekly newsletter emailed directly to your inbox and is designed to inform you about things that voice industry insiders want to know ahead of their peers, competitors and customers. The Voicebot editorial team realized that we frequently come across interesting information related to the voice industry that doesn’t quite fit into our standard news coverage or research reports. Voice Insider is a channel for us to tell you about information which is useful to know but you otherwise might have missed. It is by voice industry insiders for voice industry insiders. Below are examples of our first two issues.

Voice Insider Issue #1 – Amazon and Skill Volume, Pro Tip on Google Action Reviews, 3 People Moves and more.

Voice Insider Issue #2 – Phase 1 of Voice Adoption is Over, Amazon’s Exclusive Content Program for Alexa, A Deal on Fire TV Cube, Alexa Skill Counts for U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan before anyone else saw them.

What Subscribers are Saying

This is the #1 news source for anyone who wants to get deeply into the voice space. Jan König, Co-founder, Jovo

Really enjoy the content @bretkinsella gathers and curates through both @voicebotai and the related podcast. Now, with this premium newsletter, he’s bringing together a lot of the insider content and tips he gets that just don’t fit his existing channels. Chris Messina, Product Designer and Engineer

Voicebot (web and podcast) @voicebotai has always been THE source for voice industry news. Voice Insider extends this with in-depth and deeper information. Roger Kibbe, Founder Voice Craft

Why a Subscription Newsletter

We should point out that Voicebot publishes over 50 articles every month (sometimes as many as 70), have a free newsletter of the top stories of the week and the most extensive collection of industry data available. For most people, that is more than enough content. However, a select segment of industry professionals need more than just news, charts and reports. That is where Voice Insider comes in. Each week we cover a key insight (Think Tank), look at the month ahead, track people moves between companies, present a chart of the week, discuss rumors, interesting moves, upcoming events and more. As an independent media organization, we have very few options for generating revenue and have committed to keeping most of our content free. Voice Insider subscriptions help defray some of our costs.

If you are interested, you can subscribe through our Patreon page and become a member. It’s only about $2 per issue and we are getting great feedback on the exclusive information and tips. Also, if you get a chance, head over to Product Hunt and upvote Voice Insider and add a comment about your experience using Voicebot.ai as an industry resource.

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