John Kelvie CEO Bespoken Discusses How Voice App Testing is Different – Voicebot Podcast Ep 55

John Kelvie is CEO and co-founder of Bespoken which provides voice app testing, monitoring and development software. Bespoken has over 1,000 users and apps on its testing platform including Mercedes Benz. John was a guest on Voicebot Podcast Ep 6 (well worth a listen) and the interview took place when the company was less than one year old.

Now over two years since starting to develop the Bespoken voice app suite, the company has delivered a broad set of enterprise-class testing automation tools including a continuous testing solution that can be used in production. This is important because the voice assistant AI solutions (e.g. Alexa and Google Assistant) are constantly changing. As a results, you voice app may work well upon launch but then require ongoing regression testing because it relies on a component that is dynamic. John goes into detail about this topic, unit and end-to-end testing and how Bespoken complements third party voice UX testing solutions.

This interview was conducted onsite at Voice Summit in Newark, New Jersey in late July 2018. John was included in a series of five interviews conducted with a few of the 3,000 conference attendees that had previously appeared on Voicebot Podcast. These interviews are a great way to catch up on the latest activities of some of the leading startups working with voice AI technology and to see how the industry is evolving.

Show Notes John Kelvie Bespoken Interview

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