Cavalier Audio Launches Portable Maverick Smart Speaker with Alexa Integration

New Jersey-based audio device manufacturer Cavalier launched a new portable Alexa-powered smart speaker last week. The Maverick has the same features as other similar products on the market, such as LED lights, Alexa voice control for music, skills and smart home devices, Bluetooth streaming, multi-room audio as well as a 20W stereo speaker system featuring two active drivers and dual passive radiators. But in addition to its rustic look, the Maverick does offer a few different features. First, the device is portable and comes with a circular base for charging which can provide up to nine hours of playtime without needing an outlet. It also features a programmable smart button which allows the user to include playlist shortcuts for Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Smart Speaker Design as a Differentiator

The Maverick material board

When Amazon launched the Amazon Echo it not only started the smart speaker revolution, but it also set the standard for how a smart speaker should look. Many smart speakers have launched since the Echo, but few deviate from the smooth, cylinder shape one has come to expect from the smart speaker aesthetic. Cavalier saw an opportunity to differentiate its Maverick device by creating a rustic, one-of-a-kind smart speaker design. The Maverick’s exterior consists of premium aluminum, distressed leather and genuine wood with a natural oil finish. Even the USB-C charging cable features custom stitching. The device is available in two colors, black and indigo and is a bit pricier than other speakers on the market at $299.99. Cavalier is betting that there are consumers who would rather have their smart speaker be a statement piece in their home rather than a device that blends into the background.

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