Echo Show and Dots on Sale

As Predicted Echo Show and Dot Are on Sale

It may be the easiest prediction to make that Amazon will offer a discount. However, Voicebot laid out a a rataionale why we should expect a discount like we are seeing now for Echo Show. You can buy two Echo Shows today and receive a $150 discount. That’s a 33% savings and places the individual units at $154.99.

It’s good timing in advance of Father’s Day as Amazon likes to sell these in two-packs so you give one to someone you would like to video chat with on occasion. Voicebot’s theory is that we should be expecting discounts over the next month as Amazon clears out Echo Show inventory in advance of a new model launch in late June. Echo Show will turn one year old in June and Amazon has chosen to sell it only in countries that already had Alexa localization and Echo product access when it launched. Our hypothesis is that Amazon will bring out an Echo Show generation 2 model next month and start selling that globally.

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However, Echo Show is not the only discount today in the smart speaker product family. Generation 2 Amazon Echo is selling for a 15% discount at $84.99 and Echo Dot for is $39.99 for 20% off of list price. It is a holiday and Amazon frequently discounts these devices, but has done so less frequently in 2018. You can bet that Amazon noticed the report by Canalys last week that concluded Google Home outsold Echo products globally by unit volume for the first time in Q1 2018.

And, the discounts are not limited to the U.S. Amazon is running bank holiday special in the U.K. with discounts on on Echo Dot, second generation Echo and Echo Spot at 20%, 17%, and 17% off of list price respectively. Echo Dots are also on sale in the German store for a 20% discount. There is little doubt that Amazon cares about unit volume and ensuring that more Alexa-enabled devices readily available to consumers as they form habits around smart speaker use and ownership.

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