Another First. HP Introduces All-In-One PC with Alexa Built-In

Amazon Alexa is getting many new homes this year. Whether it’s physically a home, a car or a mirror, Amazon wants Alexa everywhere. This also includes the computer. This week HP unveiled Envy, the first all-in-one PC with Amazon Alexa built right into its speakers. Similar to other Echo devices, a blue light appears at the top of the base when Alexa is listening and has the same functionality as any other Alexa-enabled device. Users can ask for the weather, enable skills and play music without lifting a finger. It is unclear from the press release though whether the computer itself can be put to sleep, restarted or shut down with voice commands through Alexa. However, Alexa’s new home is pretty sleek, featuring a 34-inch curved display monitor and Bluetooth capable speakers designed by the reputable Bang & Olufsen.

Alexa Firsts Are Getting Harder to Invent

From a brand and marketing perspective, being first holds power. Since Alexa and other voice assistants are still very young, many companies were and are able to make “first” claims around them. The first hospital with an Alexa skill. The first headphones to integrate with Alexa. But now, as the pace of adoption of these devices has accelerated, it is also getting difficult to find new milestones to claim. HP really stretched it with its use of “first”. It is not the first PC to have Alexa integration. It is the first all-in-one PC to have Alexa integration as of May 14. While the use case for Alexa in the Envy is applicable here, we may start to see new products launch with Alexa that don’t quite make a ton of sense as publicity stunts. An Alexa-enabled toilet? Sure. Amazon wants Alexa everywhere.

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