Alexa on Android

Alexa Can Now Become Your Default Voice Assistant on Android

Google I/O is tomorrow so there was certain to be news about Amazon Alexa. Earlier today, Microsoft demonstrated Alexa integration with Cortana. Now we have word that Android users can set Alexa as their default voice assistant. Reddit user spotted the new option after updating the Alexa mobile app.

Alexa can be configured as a default assistant on my pixel 2 now from r/amazonecho

Based on these comments and others it appears that this is not the always listening experience Android users will have with Google Assistant. You must long-push the home button to activate. In addition, Shannon Liao from The Verge points out that functionality is less robust.

“Alexa’s functionality on Android is still pretty limited. Alexa can’t pull up maps or make native calls, although it can do a quick Google search.”

So, you can get Alexa on Android, but there will be some friction and the capabilities will not rival Google Assistant. Making this change varies a bit by device, but look for advanced device features > device assistant app  or Assist app in the settings. That should reveal the list in the image above that include the radio buttons to select your favorite assistant. Keep in mind, you may need to update your Alexa app for these to appear.

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