Sonos One Filing

Sonos is Working on a New Sound Bar Smart Speaker

Variety identified a new regulatory filing by Sonos that it expects to be a “smart home theater speaker.” Sonos declined to comment for the story. Language in the filing document includes:

The model S14 is a high-performance all-in-one home theater smart speaker and part of Sonos’ home sound system.

New Product Diagram Suggests It May Be Another Smart Speaker

Much of the news coverage is suggesting that the new device will be a sound bar and include Amazon Alexa voice assistant integration similar to the Sonos One, first launched in October 2017. However, at the time, Sonos also revealed that it planned to bring a Google Assistant-enabled device to market in 2018. The regulatory filing doesn’t indicate which voice assistant will be aboard. There is a diagram that includes a microphone and is essentially identical in shape and design at the top of the Sonos One. Square is not the typical shape of a sound bar, but this may indicate the product will simply be a version of Sonos One made to work with Google Assistant.

Diagram from Sonos Product Filing

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