Echo Spot India – FI

Amazon Echo Spot Now Shipping in India

Amazon Echo Spot is now available in India. Echo Spot is Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart display that includes a small screen, camera for video chat and resembles a beside alarm clock. It is the first smart display on sale in India that combines the features of a smart speaker with a screen for delivering visual content. Amazon’s flagship Echo Show is not yet available in India.

Echo Spot has a list price of INR 12,999 (~US$194) but is currently on sale for a 19% discount of INR 10,499 (~US$157). The devices are showing next day shipping in some cities.

Battle with Google Heats Up

The introduction of the first smart display for the India market comes just two weeks after arrival of Google Home and Google Home Mini in the country. The Echo Spot sells for only INR 500 (~US$7.50) more than Google Home in India and includes the added visual display feature. Amazon likely wanted to be in market prior to Google announcing a smart display for India either from an anticipated new product launch by the company or from one of its smart display partners. Given the new product introduction pace, it looks like Indian consumers will have access to all of the latest smart speaker products from both Amazon and Google this year.

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