Cortana and Siri Are Most Popular Intelligent Assistants in Enterprises Today

Spiceworks has conducted a survey of 500 IT professionals in the U.S. and Europe to determine how many enterprises have implemented AI-based intelligent assistants such as chatbots and voice assistants. The survey found that Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri are by far the most popular intelligent assistants for enterprises today.

Cortana and Siri are used today by 49% and 47% of enterprises respectively. That compares to only 23% for Google Assistant and 13% for Amazon Alexa. However, Alexa is expected to grow the most in enterprises over the next 12 months. Spiceworks points out in its analysis that custom intelligent assistants were just getting started in enterprise adoption.

Despite buzz about companies creating their own custom AI chatbots, as of now, only 2 percent of organizations have done so. However, 10 percent of organizations said they plan to implement a custom AI chatbot in the next 12 months.

Which Intelligent Assistants Have Momentum in the Enterprise

It is not particularly surprising that Cortana and Siri currently have a lead in the enterprise. Presence in Windows and iOS devices has offered both companies a big head start in enterprise adoption. However, only 5% of enterprises are planning to add Siri support in the next 12 months. That is the lowest level of expected growth among all of the intelligent assistants. Cortana’s enterprise user base is expected to grow 13% and Alexa use will more than double by rising 15%. Microsoft and Amazon appear to have the most momentum in terms of expected enterprise adoption over the next year.

The lack of Siri momentum comes at a time when Apple is receiving increased criticism about the lack of progress in capability expansion. However, the company is making tangible moves to improve its position. This week news leaked that Apple had hired the top AI and Search executive away from Google. And, more significantly, Apple Business Chat is rolling out this year. It creates a simple and secure way for businesses to connect with consumers through a variety of Apple app channels. TD Ameritrade, Hilton and The Home Depot are early adopters of Apple Business Chat.

Large Enterprises Lead Intelligent Assistant Adoption

The Spiceworks survey also broke down intelligent assistant adoption by company size and found that 24% of large enterprises are using them today. Even more impressive, that adoption is expected to rise to 40% over the next 12 months. Small and midsized businesses are roughly at parity in terms of current and planned adoption over the next year.

Intelligent assistants are being used for a wide range of tasks in the enterprise. The most common is for voice dictation which has been adopted by 46% of enterprises using intelligent assistants. This use case is followed by team collaboration (26%), calendar management (24%), email management (14%) and customer service (14%).

Heading Toward One Billion Users

The current enterprise enthusiasm for intelligent assistants is mirrored by Tractica’s forecast that expects the space to grow to one billion users by 2025. During that period, enterprise spending on intelligent assistants is forecasted to grow from just under $1 billion in 2017 to $7.7 billion in 2025.

While most of the media coverage today is focused on consumer use of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, more data is emerging that shows voice assistant adoption among enterprises is growing quickly as well.

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