Amazon Announces Three New White Box Alexa-Enabled Products

Today, Amazon announced three new Alexa-enabled “white box” devices designed by third-party original design manufacturers (ODM). The ODM’s are JUNLAM, Narui and Adition. According to the company’s announcement, all three are “pre-tested, final-product designs qualified by Amazon” that are nearly ready for market in terms of functionality and voice-first capabilities. All they need is a brand or company to call home. These white box solutions are part of the Alexa Voice Service program and are intended to give companies an easy way to launch an Alexa-enabled product of their own.

Two of the three products look remarkably similar to the Amazon Echo. The JUNLAM CAW-18057 and the Narui M120 are both tall, black, cylinder smart speakers with an LED light display on the top of the device. However, unlike the Echo, both are portable and feature battery options. The more interesting of the three is the Adition Lamp Speaker, which is essentially an LED lamp with a smart speaker built in to its base. The light’s brightness can also be dimmed with voice commands.

Making It Easy to Have Alexa Everywhere

These three white box solutions more than double Amazon’s previous ODM design options for Alexa. Amazon wants to stay in the lead in terms of market share, and by making it easier for companies to acquire an Alexa-enabled device to brand as their own, they are significantly reducing the effort and time to market for companies. Despite the success of its Echo line of devices, Amazon would rather be primarily in the software business ensuring Alexa is everywhere, rather than manufacturing new Alexa-enabled devices.

With the ODM program, Amazon gets to have Alexa in more devices and reach new consumer without having to lift a finger. It also doesn’t have to worry about losing money on the devices with steep promotional discounts to facilitate adoption. The creative solutions Amazon provides as part of its Alexa Voice Service make it easy for developers, manufacturers and companies to integrate Alexa into their products and to get Alexa in front of new consumers. And, it is one more reason why Amazon is still winning at the voice assistant game. It knows the less friction, the better.

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