Amazon Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature Now Available on Tablets

Amazon announced yesterday that its Alexa calling and messaging feature is now available on tablets. This new feature is only hands-free for those with Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet where users just need to ask Alexa to perform the task. For those with older, Alexa-enabled Fire tablets, users need to push the home button first to call on Alexa. The feature is also being rolled out to Android tablets and iPads through the Alexa app but users will have to have the app open to use the feature which may not particularly useful especially if the tablet already has Google Assistant or Apple Siri built-in.

Additional Updates to Alexa Calling and Messaging

But this is quite an upgrade from Amazon’s first launch of its Alexa calling feature back in May – it required both contacts to have an Amazon Echo device. Since then Amazon has improved upon its initial attempt by allowing users to call any phone number through Alexa and also added SMS messaging support. Another improvement added to Alexa-enabled tablets is Amazon’s Drop In feature which allows users to connect to other tablets or Echo devices throughout the home effectively making any tablet an intercom device.

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