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Buy Two Amazon Echo Spots and Save $40

The Amazon Echo Spot has received favorable reviews and was apparently in short supply during the 2017 holiday season. It started shipping shortly before Christmas and was on backorder before the holiday season concluded. That meant no discounts despite Amazon’s aggressive price cuts for Amazon Echo, Dot and Show. The first Echo Spot discount appeared on the same day that Apple’s HomePod went on sale. The $15 discount conveniently made three Echo Spots less expensive than one HomePod. Today’s discount is even better, but you will need to buy two devices to capture $40 in savings.

Following The Echo Show Discount Strategy

Amazon has frequently discounted the Echo Show which is the company’s other device with a smart display. Most often those discounts have been limited to buyers purchasing two devices. The suspected theory behind that strategy is that buyers might purchase one for their own use and give one away to friend or family member. That way they could use the video calling feature together. It’s not clear that the video calling feature is the big draw for Echo Spot with its smaller screen size. However, it is popular as a bedroom nightstand clock replacement and most households have more than one bedroom. And, incentivizing the purchase of two devices can be a good strategy to drive up unit sales volume.

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