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Official Google Home Mini Wall Mount Released

For those of you that don’t have four inches of counter space, Google Home Mini now has an official wall mount. The Google store is selling a new Google Home Mini Wall Mount manufactured by Incipio. It is listed at $14.99. Wall mounts can be particularly useful in adding smart speakers to spaces without tables or extra counter space. For example, foyers and bathrooms are becoming locations where hands-free smart home control has some potential.

This move also shows that just launching a smart speaker or other voice enabled device is just the start of entering the market. Accessories also play a role. This is something that Microsoft, Facebook and Apple will all need to consider for their 2018 smart speaker initiatives. Google says it sold over 7.6 million Google Home devices in the fourth quarter of 2017. There is little doubt that the majority were Google Home Minis. That’s a good starter market for selling the new wall mounts.

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