YouTube on Google Assistant Smart Displays

Google is Promoting YouTube Access for New Echo Show Competitors

Google has a new video promoting the migration of Google Assistant to smart displays from LG, Lenovo and Harman’s JBL. The video goes through many standard use cases attributed to smart displays such as schedule, maps, recipes and video chat. But, it also highlights YouTube access. This is notable because YouTube quite publicly removed YouTube access from Amazon Echo Show twice. YouTube is a feature advantage for smart displays running Google Assistant.

Emphasizing a Key Smart Display Feature Advantage

YouTube claimed that its removal from Amazon Alexa’s flagship smart display had to do with technical items related to the user experience. That may be true. Or, it may be that Google wanted to reserve a key feature advantage for its own ecosystem. Either way, Google’s partners will certainly make it a point of differentiation even if Google does not. The big question is whether Amazon and YouTube will mend their differences and the video service will once again become generally available.

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