Add Alexa To Your Car with Roav VIVA

Anker builds car charger outlets and also the Amazon Alexa-powered Eufy. So, it only makes sense that the company would put these together to create the Roav VIVA. Connect VIVA to your smartphone, plug it into the lighter outlet in your car and you have Alexa-on-the-go.

Voice Assistants Move to the Car

Last year may have been about smart speakers in the home, but 2018 is definitely about getting voice assistants into other spaces and devices. The car is a top target. Very few automobile manufacturers have integrated voice assistants in the dashboard. Ford is an exception and BMW and SEAT both plan to offer Alexa this year. Panasonic and Garmin hope to bring voice assistants to the dashboard through their infotainment systems. Where does that leave every other car owner? VIVA hopes to fill that gap.

Roav VIVA is available for preorder on List price is $49.99 with shipment starting on February 1st. No word yet on international availability.

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