Voice Assistant Device Support List to Start 2018

Voice assistants are showing up just about everywhere. The recent holiday season resulted in millions of Amazon Echo and Google Home device sales. However, those products are just the tip of the iceberg. Voicebot research reveals there are 37 announced smart speakers. Nine of those are models offered by Amazon and Google. Another six are produced by third parties but have Google Assistant onboard. Twelve more third-party smart speakers boast Alexa integration. So, that is 18 smart speakers with Alexa and nine with Google Assistant. The consumer is the winner here as Adam Marchick commented in the Voicebot Podcast 2017 Year in Review.

  • Beyond the U.S. and English – There are also nine smart speakers and six other devices that support only non-English languages (mostly Mandarin)
  • Beyond the Cylinder – There are 19 devices that are not smart speakers but rather a mix of earbuds, robots and appliances. [Note: We didn’t categories all of the TVs and appliances but will if you send us links. See below.]

Click HERE to see the interactive table of devices.

CES Will Add More, You Can Help

We are certain of two things. First, the list is not comprehensive. Second, CES is next week and many more devices will be claiming new voice assistant integration. You can help us update this list if you know of a device (maybe it’s yours) that has voice assistant integration. Please send your suggested additions to @voicebotai on Twitter. Also, if you can include a link to some product information or an article on the device, that would be most appreciated. We will review the entires and add them to the table as appropriate. Thanks for your help.

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