Video Game Destiny 2 Launches Alexa Skill and On-Brand Alexa Device

Video games have long been an interactive experience with the rise of online multi-player games allowing players to interact with each other in real-time through the virtual world on their screen. Bungie and Activision are further capitalizing on this by providing an Alexa skill and a limited-edition Alexa-enabled device for their online-only multiplayer game Destiny 2. According to Ars Technica, this makes the Destiny 2 Alexa skill the first to connect directly into an online game. The skill works with the game in real-time, allowing players to invite others to their group or even to gear up by asking “Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my best weapon.” Players can also ask questions about the game itself and hear game lore and trivia. The Official Destiny 2 Ghost skill also uses the same voice is used in the video game to answer users’ queries to make it an on-brand gaming experience.

In addition to launching the Official Destiny 2 Ghost Skill, Activision also released the Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost Wi-Fi enabled speaker which looks like the in-game ghost. It also features “LED lights that mimic the Ghost’s in-game behavior.” The speaker retails for $89.99 but is more of a collector’s item than an actual Alexa speaker. Ghost does not have Alexa built-in. Instead, in order to work with the game’s Alexa skill, it needs to be connected an Alexa enabled device.

Alexa for Gamers

The Official Destiny 2 Ghost Skill and its speaker companion demonstrates how video game companies can leverage voice assistants like Alexa to further improve the user experience and interactivity during game play. It also makes it more clear why Amazon introduced Alexa Gadgets in September. Alexa can only help users with so many tasks throughout its day, but adding a fun, gaming component could increase Alexa’s overall use and engagement. It also enables Amazon to have access to the  $18.4 billion video game market as well as millions of gamers.

Amazon introduced Alexa Gadgets in September with the launch of the Echo Button as well as the Gadgets Skill API indicating that the company sees a future market in Alexa as a game companion. With the Destiny 2 skill live, you can bet more video game developers will also start to see Alexa as an in-game assistant. “Players want to immerse themselves in our games and, with the Destiny 2 Ghost skill, now they can actually talk to their Ghost through Alexa. The skill delivers on the promise of voice as a natural and intuitive medium that redefines the interactions that are possible with players. We’re excited to see how players use the skill and apply these learnings to explore new gameplay experiences,” said Tim Ellis, chief marketing officer of Activision.

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