AWS Reinvent Amazon Alexa

AWS Re:Invent Alexa Roundup 2017

A flurry of Alexa-related announcements came forth this past week from the AWS Re:Invent conference. Many of them were very important. However, developers waiting for monetization, notifications, personalization and B2B applications will have to wait a bit longer. All four of these were announced at AWS Re:Invent, but they are all in closed developer previews. General availability for these features are not expected until 2018. The commitment to bringing these out soon is important news nonetheless. That is because these are core features that will have a big impact on the future of the category.

Similarly the availability of Amazon Echo in Australia will not come until 2018. So, a lot of demonstration of future activities, but still and impressive set of announcements. Below are several stories that Voicebot ran this week about Amazon’s Re:Invent announcements.

Alexa Skills Will Soon Be Able to Customize User Experience Based on Voice

Amazon Expands Alexa Skill Monetization for Digital Goods

Amazon Moves Closer to Enabling Notifications for Alexa Skills

First the Home, Now the Office. Amazon Launches Alexa for Business Service

Amazon Echo Coming to Australia and New Zealand in Early 2018

Amazon Alexa Fund Adds $100 Million, Looks Abroad