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Sonos One on Sale for 25% Off, Forget About the HomePod Blues

The Apple HomePod was supposed to usher in the high fidelity smart speaker era. Shipping delays mean it won’t arrive until 2018 and miss the 2017 Holiday season entirely. However, audiophiles that want a high fidelity smart speaker now have a lot of options to choose from. JBL and Pioneer have options that include Google Assistant. Harman Kardon has offerings that separately support Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. The Google Home Max has Google Assistant, two 4.5″ woofers and a $399 price tag. However, the new Sonos One might be the best option right now given the price point and sound quality.

Sonos One Sale For $149 with Alexa Onboard

Sonos One Sale

Sonos One is on sale today for $149 on and includes Alexa onboard. It has good reviews for sound quality and is $100 less than Harmon Kardon’s Allure that also boasts Alexa support. It is 60% less than Google Home Max and a full $200 less than the announced price for Apple HomePod. Sonos One doesn’t include today some Alexa features such as calling and messaging, the ability to change the wake word, and it doesn’t have an indicator light for notifications. However, Apple HomePod wasn’t promising any of those features and didn’t include 24,000 Alexa skills. In fact, Siri on HomePod was to support only three app categories.

Would-be HomePod buyers have several options and Sonos One looks particularly attractive in terms of sound quality and price point. In addition, Sonos has announced that it will also support Google Assistant next year. This multi-assistant support will make the device even more versatile.

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